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Training Mirror Principles

The innovative Training Mirror process is based on five key principles:

Understand before you act. Our process starts with the Reflector Assessment survey to provide valuable insights into your unique situation and needs.

Use customized content. Discussion Guides, Best Practices and Exercises are selected to fit your specific needs based on the Reflector Assessment.  From these you may further choose which ones to utilize, based on your insights, resources, time, priorities, etc.

Take internal ownership. Organization leaders should fully own the process, but may delegate the facilitation to others in the company.   Further, openly sharing the results and learning among a broader team audience will lead to better problem-solving and more effective organizational alignment.

Start with something managable. There are certainly bigger programs out there, which may or may not be right for your company, but when it comes to investing in organization development it's often better to start small and gather learning and experience before committing to a resource-intensive training program.

Get results through action. This can't be emphasized enough.  The capstone of Training Mirror should be to commit to one or more initiatives that will strengthen your company and drive results.  Then follow-up and stick with them.  Doing at least one thing well and permanently is a success that can be built upon, and is far preferable to starting and later abandoning a more ambitious program.

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