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What You Get
Each Training Mirror Module is a complete, self-contained assessment, diagnostic and development package that is flexible enough to fit your needs.

Reflector Survey

Our proprietary web-based instrument will assess your company's performance in this area, based on responses from company employees and other stakeholders.

Reflector Analysis

Compares your company's performance against established norms.  Breaks out ratings against three strategic sub-categories.  Identifies both macro and micro opportunities.

Training Mirror Tools

Selected Tools based on the unique challenges and opportunites in your company, including Discussion Guides that pose challenging questions, Best Practices from leading companies and Exercises that can be adapted to small or larger groups.

Training Guide

Facilitator's Guide to help you effectively use the Tools without the time, expanse or ramp-up of external trainers or consultants.  Leadership Tips for effective organization implementation and change.

Additional Resources

For those companies that choose to go deeper, recommended books, articles, websites and leading speakers and consultants.

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Innovate - Train your company to stay ahead of the competition.

How prepared is your organization to deal with the ever-accelerating pace of today’s marketplace?  The need for all companies to continually innovate is a competitive reality, not just with new products and marketing ideas, but by continually examining processes and practices, management strategies and organization structures.  Fortunately, there are core principles and tested practices that can help any company dramatically increase its innovation output.  The Reflector Assessment survey will measure how your organization compares against established norms in three key areas.   Your Innovation Module will include Reflector Assessment results, analysis, comparisons and Tools .  Your Tools will be based on your unique opportunities and are built around the following Innovation Success Measures.

Idea Development

Ideas are the seeds of business success.  Most companies are always on the lookout for big ideas—ideas that can change the playing field, create competitive advantages and build market share.  It is important to understand that ideas are the key to more than just marketing campaigns or new products.  Ideas drive improvements in business processes, management structures, recruiting processes and company policies.  Companies must learn to encourage bold and creative thinking to solve challenging problems and capitalize on big opportunities. 

innovation Process

Ideas, left untended, will wither and die.   Even good product ideas often never move from the invention stage to become a true, marketable innovation.  Managing the process is critical to innovation success.   Companies must learn how to develop fast-moving teams that use momentum to push projects to key decision points.  Management must develop the processes that allow innovation activity to flourish while still minimizing cost and managing risk. 

Innovation Environment

Senior management can effectively create an environment where innovation is encouraged and becomes standard practice.  When this exists, employees enthusiastically get involved with new innovation projects.  Management oversees this process strategically and directs the resources towards the most critical objectives.

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