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How many participants work best with Training Mirror?

There are two considerations.  First, the Reflector Assessment survey.  A core principle of any quantitative research is that the more respondents you have, the greater your confidence in the results.  We follow that principle, and generally believe more is better, although we recognize that for many small companies or departments within bigger companies, a small sample is a fact of life.  Generally, you should have at least 15 employees or other stakeholders or partners to complete the Assessment.  If you have a larger management staff, we suggest the Reflector respondents represent multiple levels, and ideally a broad functional and geographic sample.

However, there is a caveat.   Improving the organization is a sensitive issue.  When asking for feedback, there is the general expectation that (a) the results will be shared with the participants, and (b) if the results suggest a need for action, the company acts.  Transparency is generally a sound management principle, and we recommend freely sharing the data.  We also recommend taking some action as a result of the learning.   Training Mirror makes it very easy to act, and encourages small but permanent steps of progress.

The second consideration is using the Tools.  You will find that it is very easy to use most of the Tools in small (5-10) or medium-sized (11-40) groups.   Larger groups will take some adaptation, although this should not be difficult for a confident facilitator.  You should not expect to use the Training Mirror Tools for management groups larger than 75 people, although you may find the Assessment results and Tools provide a valuable resource and foundation for large-group training.

For instance, you could hold larger meetings and share the Assessor results and analysis, yet confine the Discussions, Exercises and Best Practices to smaller groups or management teams.


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