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Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of companies are the modules designed for?

Training Mirror Modules can be utilized by virtually any industry, including non-profit organizations.  The Modules are quite flexible and can be adapted to companies of varying sizes, although they are not recommended for very small companies (less than 10 managers).  Nor are the Modules suited to train large groups of people (over 75) without significant adaption.

What level in the company is Training Mirror for?

The primary target for Training Mirror Modules is senior management.  Training Mirror is not best suited for training front-line employees (such as store clerks, CSR’s or restaurant servers).  It can be quite easily extended for use with middle management, but not without the involvement and support of the senior leadership.   Training Mirror Modules can also be effectively utilized by functional departments or SBU’s in a larger company.  In these cases, the senior leadership of the department or division becomes key to success.

Does Training Mirror take the place of a consultant?

Sometimes, but not all the time.  Training Mirror allows you to tackle challenges yourself, without outside consultants, facilitators, off-site meetings, etc.  It encourages you to take an honest look at your opportunities and gives you plenty of insights and Tools to make a difference.  In some cases, this is what companies hire consultants to do—be direct and honest and provide direction.

However, there are many roles consults play that are above and beyond the scope of Training Mirror.  Many companies embarking on major organizational changes might find it invaluable to bring in an expert who has significant relevant experience. 

Here’s what we suggest.  If your company is uncertain of its needs, or not completely committed to a major endeavor, then start with Training Mirror.  It may be that you get all the insight and value you need.  Or, the Training Mirror experience might clarify your thinking on the nature and scope of challenges, warranting outside help.   Each Training Mirror Module includes recommended resources, including the consultants who we believe are some of the leaders in the field.

Does Training Mirror work for non-profit organizations?

Absolutely.  While we will often use the terms “company” or “business,” the Training Mirror Modules work equally well with non-profits or other non-traditional organizations.

Can Training Mirror be used for other groups, such as departments within a company?

Yes.  In fact, that can work quite well.  The one caveat is that some changes in the company need to occur at the highest levels.  For example, a marketing department may want to be more innovative.  That’s fine, although one of the barriers to innovation in companies is the way finance evaluates projects.  While the Module will highlight some of these opportunities, ultimately someone outside of marketing would have to be involved to capture the opportunity.

What results should I expect from Training Mirror?

That is almost completely dependent upon what you put into it.  Training Mirror does not happen without effort and commitment.  (It’s our experience that no training or organizational development is successful with effort and commitment.)  It the leadership of your company is willing and eager to address the company’s competitive opportunities, Training Mirror will provide the insights and the Tools to do that successfully.  Naturally, this should lead to a stronger company with improved financial performance.



How much does it cost?

The price of a Module varies, mainly by the number of participants in the Reflector Assessment survey.  However, virtually all Modules are less than $2000 (see pricing).  If you’re not completely satisfied with the value of Training Mirror, we’ll promptly refund your entire purchase price.

Can you bill me instead of charging my credit card?

No, we are sorry.  One of the ways we keep our prices down is reducing administrative costs.  Training Mirror does not have a billing department.   By keeping the prices down to about the cost equivalent of a single airfare, credit cards or PayPal are the most efficient solutions.



Are the employee responses to the Reflector Assessment survey confidential?

Yes.  100% yes.  Unequivocally yes.   Training Mirror will not release individual responses for any part of the Reflector Assessment to the client.  Further, Training Mirror takes careful measures in cross-tabulations to ensure that all released data protects individuals.  If there are small samples in cross-tabs which might be too revealing, Training Mirror would not release that data. 

Who takes the assessment?

The client makes the ultimate decision.  Overall, as in almost any research, a larger sample is better than a smaller sample (within limits).  It is generally recommended that the client get feedback from a broad cross-section of company employees, including both management and non-management.  Do not limit the respondents to upper-level management, which will certainly skew the results and limit their value.

Organizations may also include non-employees which have a significant amount of interactions and insight into the company, e.g. suppliers, board members, customers, etc.

How many respondents do you need?

Training Mirror recommends at least 25 respondents.  There is a maximum of 1000.

How long do you have to take the survey?

The client decides what the closing date is, and has the choice to push it back to increase the response rate.  Training Mirror recommends giving employees about one week to complete the survey.  Any less doesn’t account for scheduling issues, travel, etc.  Any more time and there is a risk of being forgotten, pushed down in the inbox, etc.

What companies will mine be compared to?

That depends upon your industry.  At worst, a broad sample of other companies which have participated in your specific Module.  At best, a tighter sample that reflects unique aspects of your company (your industry, public vs. private, size of company, etc.).

What kind of data is included in the report?

The report includes absolute scores, comparisons versus database norms, a quintile ranking and standard deviation for Overall, three Success Measures and each individual question.  There is also perspective and analysis on the scores for Overall, Success Measures and three key Micro-Opportunities for your company.



 Who facilitates the Training Mirror Tools?

At the heart of the Training Mirror concept is the belief that there are talented individuals in each company that are fully capable of facilitating the Tools in the Modules.  Naturally, some people will be better than others.  Training Mirror does not provide facilitators or consultant services.

What is the role of the CEO?

Committed advocate, driver and cheerleader.   If the CEO isn’t committed to sincerely asking the tough questions and openly addressing the challenging issues, then Training Mirror will be a waste of your time and money.

What are the Tools like?

They are short (one page or less) concepts and ideas that have been selected based upon your Reflector Assessment results.  The Tools include Discussion Guides, Exercises and Best Practices based on the best classical and leading-edge thinking and learning in each Module topic area.  Each company will receive 15 specially selected Tools in its report.

How do we receive the Tools and the Report?

Via email, as a PDF.  Usually within 48 hours of the closing date of the Reflector Assessment surveys.

How are the Tools implemented in my company?

That’s flexible, and depends a lot upon what suits your needs.  The most common approach is for the results and content of the report to be first discussed in a small management group, such as a staff meeting.  Even then, it may be prudent to only discuss one or two of the Tools at that time.  Some companies may choose to have regular staff/small-group discussions over the course of time, using Training Mirror as an ongoing program.  Results can be released to the company in entirety or selectively.  Larger groups of management can be selected to review results, engage in group discussions and exercises, etc. 

However, the key to success is to do something.  There is enough material to inspire action if a company is pre-disposed to act.  The size and nature of the initiative(s) can be tailored to your specific needs, interests and resources.  But definitely, put something into play—and do it well and permanently.

What does it mean to be in Beta?

Prior to a full launch of the concept, the company has released a Beta product.  It is fully functional and includes the full Reflector Assessment, analysis, reports and Tools.  However, there are a limited number of Modules to choose from.  Further, the size of the comparative database will increase over time, as will the ability to parse the company comparisons.

How is this different from other corporate training?

Training Mirror is quite a bit different from other packages on the market in several ways:

  • It's aimed at the needs of senior management, a group which often resists training.  We think this is the right place (well, the ONLY place) to start if you want to make a real difference in the success of the company.
  • The assessment and concepts are very direct.  No punches are pulled. 
  • The onus is on the company.  Any executive that's been around the block has seen many training programs that are launched with great fanfare (and at great expense) only to wither over time.  We believe that if senior management owns the initiatives, they have a much better chance to endure and make a real difference in the company's results.
  • The topics are different than most expect to see.   We approach the issues that have traditionally been the domain of the top consultants in each industry.
  • Training Mirror Modules are very, very flexible.  The Tools can be bite-sized, or much bigger if you prefer.  The time commitment is tailored to your needs.  You can have an off-site, or not.  You can tackle 5-10 elements, or only 1-2.  We think it fits the needs of today's businesses.


Will this require technical expertise from my company?

No, not at all.  If someone can get on the Internet and use email, that’s sufficient.  We manage all the technology from our end.



Does Training Mirror provide consulting?

No.  We do recommend consultants and firms which we think are the strongest in the industry, and also a seasoned Content Advisory Board that often consults with businesses, but we have no financial interest in whether or not you use them.  We do not share revenue with the consultants we recommend or our Advisory Board members.

What is the relationship of Training Mirror to At C-Level?

At C-Level is a blog that is thematically linked to Training Mirror content.  It also will occasionally provide updates on Training Mirror news, new Modules, etc.  Its editor and primary author is Training Mirror CEO Bill Aho.

Does Training Mirror provide Customer Support?

Yes, primarily via email.  Our product is sophisticated, but the technology is easy.  We don’t have college students sitting at a phone bank to try to answer your organizational development questions.  Send us an email and a trained professional will get back to you as quickly as possible, almost always within 24 hours.

What is Training Mirror's privacy policy?

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