Training Mirror - Take a Good Look at Your Business
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What You Get
Each Training Mirror Module is a complete, self-contained assessment, diagnostic and development package that is flexible enough to fit your needs.

Reflector Survey

Our proprietary web-based instrument will assess your company's performance in this area, based on responses from company employees and other stakeholders.

Reflector Analysis

Compares your company's performance against established norms.  Breaks out ratings against three strategic sub-categories.  Identifies both macro and micro opportunities.

Training Mirror Tools

Selected Tools based on the unique challenges and opportunites in your company, including Discussion Guides that pose challenging questions, Best Practices from leading companies and Exercises that can be adapted to small or larger groups.

Training Guide

Facilitator's Guide to help you effectively use the Tools without the time, expanse or ramp-up of external trainers or consultants.  Leadership Tips for effective organization implementation and change.

Additional Resources

For those companies that choose to go deeper, recommended books, articles, websites and leading speakers and consultants.

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Customer Focus - The most efficient way to generate revenue.

How committed is your organization on meeting the needs of your customers?   In today’s challenging economic environment it is sometimes difficult to think beyond the P&L and Balance Sheet, often at the expense of your customers.  These trade-offs challenge all organizations.  The Reflector Assessment shows how your company compares against others in these areas and provides a broad array of Tools that can be used to improve your performance.  The Customer Focus Module includes Reflector Assessment results, analysis, comparisons and Tools based on the following Success Measures to drive your results.

Decision Impact

How are customer considerations represented in critical product, service and cost decisions? Is there a clear understanding of the lifetime value of customers?  Does the organization's culture encourage customer advocacy?

Result: Sharpens and clarifies values.  Customer considerations become a part of every equation and major decision without constant management intervention.

Knowledge Management

 How well do you really know your customers?  Many companies find they have plenty of data, but tend to work on assumptions and generalities.  Are you gathering the right information?  Are the insights deep and meaningful enough to be a constant source of innovation?  Is this knownledge getting to the right people?  Are they using it?

Result: Increased proactive behavior.   When the employees understand and accept the desired values, their willingness to take action increases accordingly.

Product Values

Do your products and services reflect the needs of your customers?  Why do your competitors keep their customers?  What are you currently doing that doesn’t add sufficient value to be justified?  What more could you be doing that would add competitive value? 

Result:  Drives revenue, both by increasing retention of current customers and by improving the ability to bring in new customers.

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