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What You Get
Each Training Mirror Module is a complete, self-contained assessment, diagnostic and development package that is flexible enough to fit your needs.

Reflector Survey

Our proprietary web-based instrument will assess your company's performance in this area, based on responses from company employees and other stakeholders.

Reflector Analysis

Compares your company's performance against established norms.  Breaks out ratings against three strategic sub-categories.  Identifies both macro and micro opportunities.

Training Mirror Tools

Selected Tools based on the unique challenges and opportunites in your company, including Discussion Guides that pose challenging questions, Best Practices from leading companies and Exercises that can be adapted to small or larger groups.

Training Guide

Facilitator's Guide to help you effectively use the Tools without the time, expanse or ramp-up of external trainers or consultants.  Leadership Tips for effective organization implementation and change.

Additional Resources

For those companies that choose to go deeper, recommended books, articles, websites and leading speakers and consultants.

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Alignment - The key to achieving your goals.

Are all the departments and employees in your company aligned to achieve your strategic goals? Do your initiatives and strategic programs roll out with everyone knowing their jobs and motivated to accomplish mission-critical tasks?  Getting your company aligned is one of the great challenges in today’s business and the critical element of turning strategy into successful execution.  An Ernst & Young poll of 275 portfolio managers suggested that the ability to execute strategy was more important than the strategy itself! 

The Reflector Assessment will reveal how effectively your organization is aligned compared to other companies.  Based on these results, your Training Mirror Module will contain a broad array of tools that you can use to increase alignment in your company.  The following Success Measures are the key to achieving results:

Align the Strategy

Do the employees really understand the strategies?   Is management talking a language they can comprehend?  Is the entire company clear on the single-minded key to the company’s success?  Do employees have input on how to best develop their roles?

Result: More effective communication of the organization’s strategic goals.  Employees that know what the company wants and what their roles are in achieving the results is critical to success.

Align the Organization

Are there really enough resources to do all the things that have to be done?  Are all the departments and functions clear about what they need to do to support both the company initiatives and the other departments’ projects?  Is conflict between functions, divisions and employees over priorities and resources causing inefficiencies?

Result: Employees and stakeholders capable and committed to achieving the goals.   Correct the dangerous assumptions about motivation and ability to ensure you have enough of both.

Stay on Track

Is the company measuring the ongoing progress of each department in achieving corporate strategic goals?  Is management focused on the metrics that will drive success, as opposed to  purely financial results?  Are management meetings and department reviews useful tools for staying on track to achieve your strategic goals?

Result: The organization stays on track after the initial rollout of strategies or initiatives.   The typical emotional letdown that occurs after a rollout is avoided.  The organization stays focused and driving until success is achieved.

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