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What You Get
Each Training Mirror Module is a complete, self-contained assessment, diagnostic and development package that is flexible enough to fit your needs.

Reflector Survey

Our proprietary web-based instrument will assess your company's performance in this area, based on responses from company employees and other stakeholders.

Reflector Analysis

Compares your company's performance against established norms.  Breaks out ratings against three strategic sub-categories.  Identifies both macro and micro opportunities.

Training Mirror Tools

Selected Tools based on the unique challenges and opportunites in your company, including Discussion Guides that pose challenging questions, Best Practices from leading companies and Exercises that can be adapted to small or larger groups.

Training Guide

Facilitator's Guide to help you effectively use the Tools without the time, expanse or ramp-up of external trainers or consultants.  Leadership Tips for effective organization implementation and change.

Additional Resources

For those companies that choose to go deeper, recommended books, articles, websites and leading speakers and consultants.

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About Training Mirror

Training Mirror is an innovative new approach to organizational development and training.  Unlike any other product on the market, Training Mirror is geared to meet the needs of C-level executives who want practical, straightforward content that is absolutely relevant to their problems and opportunities.

What makes Training Mirror so different?

  • The Modules address the biggest organization development issues CEO's face today.
  • The Reflector Assessment focuses on your specific needs, based on your employee feedback, and compared to other companies for valuable perspective.
  • We provide the Tools, you do the training.   Fit it to your interests and your needs---small or large groups, staff meetings, etc.  
  • Training Mirror deals head-on with opportunities and lets you challenge the organization with straightforward ideas. 
  • We're fast and almost unbelievably inexpensive.  Why?  Because we don't send a consultant to your office.  We don't schedule an off-site.  We don't even make sales calls.

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